Penelope Marsh
1101 Penelope Marsh 1.PNG
Actor Tamzin Outhwaite
Seen Up From Ashes
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Franklin Williams, Colleague
Job Temporary Head of Station House Four

Penelope Marsh is a fellow colleague of Franklin Williams who is brought in to replace Inspector Brackenreid in Season 11 portrayed by Tamzin Outhwaite.

Appearances and Mention

Up From Ashes

  • Penelope Marsh is introduced as the person who takes over Station House Four from Brackenreid since he was fired. Her main goal to begin with was to get the confession out of Detective Murdoch. When Henry returns to the station, she welcomes him back and tells him what she's doing there. Later on, she meets with Detective Watts and he agrees to obey her orders. But after she reads through past newspaper articles written about the successes of Murdoch through the years, her opinion changes. She asks Henry about why he and the others were shot, and he reveals that they were helping Murdoch, but walked right into a trap. When asked about who did this, Henry tells her that 'her boss and his friend aren't the men they seem.' Murdoch's 'solicitor' arrives, and she allows him in to see him, but informs Henry that she must tell Williams.
  • After negotiating to have Murdoch placed under house arrest, Watts tries to get her to reveal her true colours, but she doesn't budge. However it is clear of her opinion of Murdoch's innocence. She arrives at the Windsor House Hotel to speak with Murdoch, and once the guard is asleep due to the sleeping medicine that Murdoch spiked his drink with, she confesses that she believes him to be a good and innocent man, and begins to work with everybody to exonerate him. Watts arrives, and William assures him that they can trust her. In need of fingermarks to match the marks on the weapon, Penelope and Watts head to Robert Graham's office to collect the evidence they need. Failing to get Williams' fingermarks, she manages to convince him to go with her to the hotel, where they get his fingermarks and match them to the garrote. She returns to Graham's office to get the land files to arrest Graham, but he catches and kidnaps her, holding her hostage at the Star Room where she is soon saved by William. At the end of the episode, Julia suggests she should join the ranks of City Hall, but she declines, and Julia shows her out of the station.
  • Accurately, Marsh mentions that it is not yet time for Toronto to have a woman run for city council; It happens over a decade later (when Constance Hamilton is elected Toronto's first city councilor on January 1, 1920).


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