Mm1014 Pendrimine
Inventor James Pendrick
William Murdoch
Pendrimine (also, Pendrimene or Pendramene) is first introduced by William Murdoch in Season 10.


Pendrimine is derived from a combination of the exotic and rare super guarana of Panama and an original formula invented by James Pendrick, first created in his Toronto laboratory and developed further in Panama City. Murdoch invents the final key additive which claims to transform that formulation into an elixir– the 'fountain of youth'– immortality in a single dose.

Excitable Chap

  • While experimenting with a formula to exponentially expand a human being's intellectual capacity, James Pendrick creates a carefully-calibrated concoction of Khat, Ephedra sinica, phenyl-isopropylamine and a number of other substance. He calls it "jumper" and has taken it himself in its experimental stage.
  • There are two side effect: The mind tends to dart from place to place, while his formulation expands the mind, he hopes the super guarana can help focus it. The other side effect, after the "jumper" starts to wears off, he falls into a deep sleep and apparently loses all control and memory upon waking.
  • The combination of his formulation and the super guarana produces a remarkable result, something far greater than the "jumper". A small dose of his original formulation and the super guarana, quite by accident, were combined in a petri dish that was home to a small family of gastrotrichs. Gastrotrichs ordinarily live less than 72 hours, they have survived for a week, already living twice their natural lifespan and they're as lively as ever. The proverbial Fountain of Youth is within grasp.
  • As fate would have it and consistent with James' luck with women, the super guarana, his formulation, and all his research notes vanishes with his assistant Ashmi. She no doubt intends to sell it to the highest bidder after securing more of the super guarana in Panama.
  • Inspector Brackenreid joins Pendrick on his dangerous quest to find Ashmi and his stolen 'Fountain of Youth' in Panama.

From Murdoch to Eternity


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