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The Pendrick Arrow was introduced in sixth season of Murdoch Mysteries. It was an experimental heavier-than-air aircraft designed and built by inventor James Pendrick who never intended it to be used as a weapon of war.

Pendrick created it to meet the Mortimer Challenge: a prize of one million dollars offered to the first man to achieved controlled flight. The recipient had to perform a figure eight over a distance of one mile with a hundred-pound load in addition to the pilot. Though the challenge was officially said to be funded by oil tycoon Samuel Mortimer; it was, in fact set up by Terrence Meyers with funding by the Canadian government who hoped to use a successful design for military purposes.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Air

  • To meet the requirement for controlled flight, Pendrick and his assistant Mr. Matthews built the craft with a revolutionary feature: small, adjustable control surfaces in the wings that Pendrick dubbed "tilters".
  • The craft was subsequently stolen by agents of the Canadian government, led byMeyers, in the name of national security, and was in turn stolen from them by American agent Allen Clegg. Clegg also murdered Mathews and staged his death to look like he had died in a crash of a test version of the Arrow, bringing the craft to the attention of the Toronto Constabulary and Det. Murdoch.
  • While Murdoch investigated the crash and Mathews' death, Meyers confiscated the body and their evidence, including a set of numbers that had been found in the victim's stomach, unaware that the detective had already copied them.
  • Meanwhile Clegg kidnapped Pendrick and tortured him by aggravating a previously dislocated shoulder, attempting to learn the secrets of the design.
  • Myers returned to the station after determining that the numbers didn't match any known cypher, however George Crabtree determined that the number were, in fact, a train car label. After determining that the train was bound for America, Myers suspected Clegg's involvement and gave Murdoch the location of a decommissioned military base where Clegg may be hiding.
  • Murdoch went to rescue Pendrick and, with the detective at the controls due to the inventor's injured arm, the two men used the Arrow to escape the base. After a harrowing flight over Niagara Falls, they successfully landed to find Myers waiting for them. Myers attempted to take custody of the craft, offering Pendrick the million dollar prize in compensation. However Pendrick, who never intended for his design for military use, decided to push the Arrow over the falls.
  • Myers threatened legal reprisal but Murdoch pointed out that he had merely destroyed his own property. Defeated Myers left after declaring Pendrick a traitor to his country.