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Type Pawnshop
Location Toronto

Pawnshops (or Pawn Shops) and Pawnbrokers are often referenced in Murdoch Mysteries' investigations while only two are named: MacGinnis' Pawnbrokers and Crawford's Pawnshop (as of Season 8). MacGinnis Pawnbrokers is often seen in the background street scenes.

Appearances and Mentions

Victoria Cross  

  • MacGinnis' pawnshop first appears as a crime scene, and the stabbing of Louise Butler occurs behind MacGinnis' pawnshop.

Murdoch in Ragtime 

  • Murder victim Nathan Peters' trumpet in found at MacGinnis's pawn shop.

Toronto's Girl Problem

  • Suspect Beatrice Crawford had free access to her brother's pawnshop.

24 Hours Til Doomsday

Biffers and Blockers (mention)


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