Oscar Ducharme
1007 Oscar Ducharme 1.PNG
Actor Thom Allison
Seen Painted Ladies
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Exclusive Shop Owner

Oscar Ducharme is a purveyor of cosmetics and other feminine finery introduced in Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Thom Allison.

Oscar is the owner of a discreet exclusive boutique shop frequented by Dr. Julia Ogden who introduces him to Detective Murdoch during the murder investigation in Painted Ladies.

Appearances and Mentions

Painted Ladies

  • Ducharme joins Julia in the City Morgue to assist in creating a model bust of the murder suspect's face and provides Julia with a vital piece of information.
  • There is a man who can do remarkable things with noses, surgically. While that kind of surgery is still in its experimental stages that would leave terrible scars, a good face powder could be cover up, like how their mutual acquaintance Genevieve Dawson does. Oscar tells Julia that she went to New York City to have it done by Dr. Victor Fry who is a sensation.
  • Their suspect went to New York; Julia goes to the Station House to tell William, while Oscar continues working on their nearly completed bust of the suspect. Later that evening when bringing files to the morgue, Constable Crabtree recognizes the bust of the woman; dropping the files, he rushes to The Star Room to arrest the killer.

Operation: Murder (Mention)

  • George tells Florence, "I know a chap who sells all the top cosmetics in Toronto." As it turns out Oscar Ducharme agrees to stock her cream and is quoted by George to have said "...the texture and the scent were nothing short of luxurious and it fills a gap in his product line". In fact, Ducharme would like to meet and talk with Florence about supplying more and mentioned the jars needing a label.
  • Oscar Ducharme has a dear friend in New York City who has a place for a bookkeeper at a real cosmetics company, the perfect opportunity for Florence Nightingale Graham to pursue her dreams.



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