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Episode Still Waters
Mary Wept

The Orangemen or Orange Order is a Protestant organisation founded in Ireland in 1796. The name is a tribute to the Dutch-born King William of Orange who defeated the Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. The organisation now exists in many countries including Canada and the United States.

While demonstrating his lie detector devise at Station House No. 4, he is asked by Dr. Ogden,  "Do you, or have you ever, marched with the Orangemen?"

While interrogating James Pearson about the murder of Richard Hartley, Detective William Murdoch asked Pearson if he was an Orangeman ("Still Waters").

Appearances & Mentions

Still Waters (mentioned)

Back and to the Left

Mary Wept

  • A handful of Orangemen protest in front of Murdoch's church.


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