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"On the Waterfront Part 1" is the first episode of the eighth season of the Murdoch Mysteries and the ninety-seventh episode of the series.


Det. Murdoch investigates the murder of Richard Dawkins who was beaten to death at the dinner table by two masked men just as he was about to make an important announcement to his business associates. Since nothing was stolen Murdoch's new boss, Inspector Hamish Slorach, calls the killing an assassination. Dawkins was rumored to be selling his chandlery business. The harbor master says Dawkins was anything but a saint and the police should look to the seedier side for a solution to his death. Const. Jackson is badly beaten by two thugs which seems to confirm Murdoch's suspicion that the men who beat Inspector Brackenreid are the same ones who killed Dawkins. When they find a dead woman on the shore, Dr. Grace determines she was clubbed to death the night before the attack on Dawkins and was manacled before she died. Meanwhile, suffragettes recruit Julia to their movement and she is joined by Emily Grace. Receiving little support politically, they decide to hold a protest march. They are all soon in jail.

Character Revelations

  • Dr. Grace and Dr. Ogden join the suffragette movement
  • Leslie Garland has become a prosecutor


  • Leslie Garland still has animosity against Dr. Grace and Dr. Ogden after the events of Kung Fu Crabtree.


  • The second official pairing of episodes with part 1 and 2 in their titles
  • This episode has a violence warning at the beginning of the episode
  • Shares its title with a movie from 1954


Historical References


Main Cast

Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig as Thomas Brackenreid
Jonny Harris as George Crabtree
Georgina Reilly as Emily Grace

Recurring Cast

Patrick McKenna as Hamish Slorach
Arwen Humphreys as Margaret Brackenreid
Lachlan Murdoch as Henry Higgins

Guest Starring

Caleb Cosman as Arthur Blake
Patrick Creery as Crown Prosecutor
Trenna Keating as Kathleen King
Jo Joyner as Cecily McKinnon
Jonathan Llyr as Mick O'Shea
Nick Nolan as Tim O'Shea
Percy Hynes-White as Simon Brooks
Chadwick Allen as Lead Dock Worker
Jarrod MacLean as Richard Dawkins
Tracey Ferencz Mrs Dawkins
Murray Furrow as Lionel Jeffries
Caleb Cosman as Arthur Blake
Danielle Benton as Brenda Blake
Annie Briggs as Eileen
Peter Deiwick as Eileen's husband
Paul Miller as MPP Eldon Joseph Foster


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