Oliver Cooper
1309 Oliver Cooper (Jeff Meadows).png
Actor Jeff Meadows
Seen The Killing Dose
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Jane Cooper, daughter
Bella Cooper, daughter
Job Undisclosed

Oliver Cooper is the father of critically injured Jane Cooper introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jeff Meadows.

Appearances and Mentions

The Killing Dose

  • Oliver Cooper arrives at the Toronto Mercy Hospital with his daughter Bella upon his older daughter Jane being brought there due her multiple injuries sustained in a fall from their home's balcony.
  • Mr. Cooper is rather annoyed at being brought to the Station House for questioning and even more so with Parker, a negro asking him the questions. Murdoch expected a father to be most anxious to learn the circumstances behind your daughter's accident. Reluctantly, he answers Parker's question but directly to Murdoch – not looking at the Special Constable once during the exchange.
  • Mr. Cooper admits having inquired about a small matter with the household accounts with Jane, not an argument as stated by their housekeeper Rose. Jane lost her temper. It was entirely out of the ordinary and he was caught off guard; He had grabbed her when she flew at him. Their set-to was hours prior to her accident.
  • Believing Miss Cooper was being dosed with chloral hydrate, Murdoch and Parker return to search the Cooper home – to find a tincture box used for Rose's tonics.
  • When his daughter Jane dies, Oliver Cooper is angry and wants answers.



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