Nora Webb
Nora Webb
Actor Emily Klassen
Seen Return of Sherlock Holmes
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Gregory Skinner, love interest
Job Nanny

Nora Webb is the nanny of Ben McQueen, introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Emily Klassen.

Appearances and Mentions

Return of Sherlock Holmes

  • Nora Webb was brought up in a girls' home and eventually came to the attention of the Toronto Constabulary upon a few accounts of soliciting. To get herself work as Ben McQueen's nanny, she fabricated references.
  • For five years, Nora loved Ben, as he was an observant and kind child. Unfortunately, she discovered that the McQueens weren't actually his parents, but frauds.
  • Desperate to stop the murder plot she overheard, Nora attempted to warn Ben's godfather, Wallace Burns, but instead found she was too late. Fearing for her life, Nora decided to disappear, causing Ben to hire David Kingsley to find her.
  • As the police did not know about the McQueens, Nora became their prime suspect. She took refuge with her sweetheart, Gregory Skinner, but made the mistake of telling him the truth about what happened. Skinner mistakenly assumed he could extort money from the "McQueens", but they killed him in the same way they killed Burns. Nora later disguised herself as a male worker at the teahouse where she used to hang out with her fellow nannies, until on the second visit, Kingsley and Inspector Thomas Brackenreid came by on a hunch and unmasked her. However, once she was found she explained the true nature of the fraud. Released, she congratulated Ben on his quick thinking.


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