Noelle Girard is a TV writer known for Saving Grace (2017), and Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong - Gross Violations (2016).

Noelle Girard has a degree in art history from the University of Toronto

Noelle Girard's whole family is from Yorkshire, so she loves sneaking in some Yorkshire sayings for Inspector Brackenreid.


Kill Thy Neighbour (2020) with Mary Pedersen
Murdoch and the Cursed Caves (2019)
Drowning in Money (2018)
The Book of Jackson (2018)
Mary Wept (2017)


  • Girard was friends with MM Writer Mary Pedersen prior to joining the Writers' Room.
  • Noelle Girard loves when Murdoch and Julia have a nice moment together, so she loves writing those moments, seeing them having a giggle together or play around together.
  • From a recent interview: "It was such a dream to have the one and only Megan Follows direct my script, all the cast were (of course) fantastic, as always, and guest stars like Sophia Walker..." in Mary Wept.

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