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Night Vision Goggles are a device using parabolic mirrors reflecting incoming rays in order to see in the dark, invented by Detective William Murdoch in Season 2.

By Season 9, the Night Goggles have been upgraded, like the UV Day Light In a Box.

Appearances & Mentions


  • An injured and ailing Murdoch invents and builds the parabolic goggles while in his sickbed, and uses them to defeat two would-be thieves in Mrs. Kitchen’s darkened attic. 


  • Murdoch returns to his office to find Brackenreid describing his Night Goggles to Murdoch's puzzled sister, who asks "...why not use a lantern?"

Wild Child

  • Murdoch and Crabtree each use a newer version of the Night Vision Goggles to track down a young, feral woman in the dark woods.

Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas


  • The Night Vision Goggles are on display, along with a trademark homburg (one of a handful) and a few other articles from the show, in the lobby of 51 Division of the Toronto Police Service, at 51 Parliament Street; 51 Division, formerly located on Dundas Street East at Parliament Street, Toronto, was once known as Station House Four.