New York City
New York City Easter Parade 1900.jpg
Type Capital City
Location United States of America
First Appearance Murdoch Takes Manhattan
Last Appearance Manual for Murder
Mentioned Power
The Black Hand
Annabella Cinderella

New York City is the capital of the state of New York in the United States of America.

Appearances and Mentions

Power (mentioned)

The Black Hand (mentioned)

  • A return railway ticket from New York City is found on the murder victim.

Murdoch Takes Manhattan

24 Hours Til Doomsday (mentioned)

  • New York City is thought to be under imminent as a rocket target.
  • Rebecca James had spent a year at the New York Medical School for Women.

Operation: Murder (Mention)

  • Oscar Ducharme has a dear friend in New York City who has a cosmetics company.

Annabella Cinderella (Mention)

  • “The Police Investigative Handbook” was originally commissioned for the New York City Police.
  • John Brackenreid mention that his father is headed for New York.

Manual for Murder

  • Ralph Fellows is last seen walking away from the telephone booth outside The Royal in New York City with its iconic (1900s) skyline buildings in the distance.
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