Nesbit Daniels is Annabella Maloney's lawyer, introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Derek Moran.

Appearances and Mentions

Annabella Cinderella

  • Annabella Maloney killed her mother with an axe. It was Nesbit Daniels’ brilliant defence: the victim was painted as a villain, the villain painted as a victim – Annabella Cinderella, that spared her the gallows but condemned her to life in prison.
  • Mr. Daniels took the case pro bono, yet Detective Watts points out that "Nobody's motives are purely altruistic"; it's all in the service of his political aspirations – he is running for Mayor of Toronto.
  • Upon arriving at the Station House after Annabella broke into his office and her being captured, Nesbit Daniel confirms, "She knew that I kept a cashbox for out-of-pocket expenses. She tore apart my office until she found it." Thirty - six dollars.



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