Mrs. Quigley is a murder victim in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Laura Kyswaty.

Appearances and Mentions

Operation: Murder

  • Mrs. Quigley, age 46 and "an inebriant", had been suffering since experiencing a blow to the stomach prior to her operation. She reports abdominal radiating to the left shoulder and she has been dizzy and tired, "I get tired every time I come to this godforsaken place", she tells the doctors.
  • Dr. Dixon concludes that Mrs. Quigley's symptoms are consistent with a lacerated spleen and surgery is indicated. Upon Dr. Forbes asking how he would expose the spleen to repair the damage, Dr. Dixon confidently states, "By partial excision of one or more ribs, followed by subpleural or transpleural exposure of the spleen."
  • Dr. Ogden politely asks Dr. Forbes, "Would it be preferable to do a vertical incision of the left linear semilunaris?", the Chief Surgeon asks her, "Preferable how?" Ogden points out it there would be a shorter, more comfortable recovery time for Mrs. Quigley if the ribs were not excised – for this the good Doctor is given the honor of assisting in the surgery while the other doctors observe.
  • After the successful operation and while Dr. Ogden is informing her son, Nurse Sullivan interrupts – suddenly Mrs. Quigley is bradycardic (with slower than normal heart rate) from possible internal bleeding but before they can return her to the operating theatre, she dies in the recovery room.
  • Dr. Odgen and Dr. Forbes inform her son Martin Quigley of his mother's death.


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