Mrs. Lynd
Mrs. lynd
Actor Janet-Laine Green
Seen Murdoch On The Corner
The Incurables
Gender Female
Status Criminal, (institutionalized)
Relationships Jack Lynd, (deceased husband)
Job Pastor's wife

Mrs. Lynd is the wife of the late church minster Jack Lynd, first introduced in Season 6 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch On The Corner

  • Mrs. Lynd first appeared as a suspect of a murder case and a friend of George Crabtree. Her motives were revealed after her dead husband, a pastor, was found to be guilty of philandering, and she saw there was no justice in the world. Believing herself to be a sort of vigilante, an avenging angel, she set up a morality test, where she drops a wallet with an address for the local charity house (hinted to be inspired by an incident, where Mrs. Lynd lost her purse and had the money stolen). She'd then sit on a bench, pretending to read her book while keeping an eye on the wallet with a mirror. It's indicated that she first just wanted to see who would steal the money from a lost wallet, but was enraged that a pastor would do such a thing. And whenever anyone who used the money for selfish gain rather than try to return it, she'd confront at home and shoot them. When the constabulary catches on, Crabtree pretends to go on a shopping spree in hopes of luring out the killer. However, Mrs. Lynd didn't confront Crabtree in the evening, but rather in the morning, when Murdoch and Brackenreid had left his apartment. Believing that Crabtree had failed her test, she pulled a gun on him, but the constable explained that he was doing his job and managed to talk her into giving him her gun before Murdoch and Brackenreid arrive. Mrs. Lynd is then diagnosed by Dr. Julia Ogden, the former expressing no remorse for her actions, stating that her victims deserved what they got, all because she couldn't accept her husband's fallibility.

The Incurables

  • Mrs. Lynd is one of the Asylum's patients. Appearing to be a sweet and harmless old lady, she apologizes to Crabtree for trying to kill him, teasing him about staying on the right side of the law. Mrs. Lynd then is involved in the plot to escape, though she doesn't attempt to leave herself or save Dr. Ogden, remaining neutral throughout the ordeal.