Mrs. Irvin
401 Mrs. Irvin.png
Actor Leah Pinsent
Seen Bloodlust
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Daniel Irvin, son
Job Headmistress of The Tepes School for Girls

Mrs. Irvin (née Tepes) is the owner and headmistress of The Tepes School for Girls in Season 4 of Murdoch Mysteries, played by Leah Pinsent.

Appearances and Mentions


  • Her father Alexander Tepes died due he being a haemophilia. Since fathers with heamophilia always passed the gene down to their daughters, Mrs. Irvin became a carrier of the disease resulting in her son Daniel being born a haemophilia.
  • Together with Dr. Lucas Harwick, they tried to find a way to treat Daniel. They use girls from the school to be unwitting blood donors, but it goes wrong, when a girl escapes and accuses Daniel of assault.
  • Dr. Harwick helps Daniel fake his suicide to escape the authorities, signing his death certificate.
  • Five years after they continue the treatment– letters are sent to the students, posing as a vampire and invite them to secret meetings. They have success with it, until one of the girls, Amy, is killed.
  • Mrs. Irvin tries to play ignorant to the police and even calls them when Dorothy Cornell goes missing, but Murdoch eventually figured out the truth.


  • Actress Leah Pinsent is married to Peter Keleghan who portrays the recurring character Terrence Meyers.
  • In the Tepes Mausoleum in the scene, where Murdoch and Crabtree searches the coffins of Daniel and his grandfather, a plate with the name Joseph Irvin is seen behind Crabtree.


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