Mrs. Ferguson
1201 Mrs. Ferguson (Shannon Currie)
Actor Shannon Currie
Seen Murdoch Mystery Mansion
Gender Female
Status Living

Mrs. Ferguson and her husband Jersey Ferguson are well-to-do members of Toronto society introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Shannon Currie.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Mystery Mansion

  • Mrs. Ferguson and her husband had talked to Mr. Wright on numerous occasions before we employed Mr. Spoud as their architect. Her husband was keen on Wright's work but she was not, "but now I suppose my husband will get his wish".
  • When Detective Murdoch asks Mrs. Ferguson if Mr. Wright had contacted her about designing their new home since, she states that Miss Ryand had given her Wright's business card – right after Mr. Stoud was discovered dead, though she denies knowing it was him at the time.
  • Further investigation reveals that Mrs. Ferguson had a brief affair with Mr. Spoud. Jersey Ferguson did walk in on them at a time when "it would have been difficult to disguise what we were doing", she nonchalantly reveals and with no further questions from the Detective, Mrs. Ferguson is more than glad to saunter out of his office.


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