Mr. Towne
1201 Mr. Towne (Nicholas Carella)
Actor Nicholas Carella
Seen Murdoch Mystery Mansion
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Construction Contractor

Mr. Towne is a construction contractor introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Nicholas Carella.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Mystery Mansion

  • Mr. Towne had built the potato-cooking room exactly to Murdoch’s specifications.
  • Having had worked for Mr. Spoud once or twice and knows that Spoud and Mr. Wright were on the outs, Mr. Towne asks Murdoch , "So why would he be at the party?" The Detective surmises that Mr. Spoud was placed inside his device to kill him and thereby destroy the evidence. Unfortunately, not only did Mr. Towne knew what the cooking room was capable of, Miss Ryand and Mr. Wright who showed numerous people the Murdoch Home at various stages of its construction – including another architect, Mr. Dodds, who showed a keen interest.
  • After Dr. Ogden discovers electrical straps amongst Mr. Spoud's possessions, Murdoch has Mr. Towne return to his office for further questioning. Towne tells the Detective that he had left them in the potato cooking closet and when Spoud's body exploded they were contaminated with human skin. While that's one explanation, Murdoch has another: Towne bound Mr. Spoud and placed him in the potato-cooking room. Towne was at the party long enough to turn on the device before Mr. Wright escorted him out.
  • The two men had a history: Mr. Spoud didn't pay Mr. Towne for his last job with him, thus he confronted him. Towne didn't just work for Spoud; He had designed his buildings with him, but Spoud took all the credit, “He was the architect, and I was nothing more than a labourer...I was cheated! And I tolerated it because he paid me well and then he didn't."
  • The day Mr. Towne took that job for Mr. Wright, Spoud turned on him and reneged on the monies owed him, vowing that Mr Towne would never work again, “He took my livelihood. I took his life.”


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