Miss Dignan
712 Miss Dignan
Actor Jacklyn Francis
Seen Unfinished Business
Gender Female
Status Alive
Job Businesswoman
Miss Dignan is the assistant and acting manager of Jeffrey Roundhill's business after his death, introduced in Season 17 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jacklyn Francis.

Appearances and Mentions

Unfinished Business

  • Miss Dignan was efficient, hard-working, and busy. She is first seen when Murdoch arrives to question her about Roundhill's deathbed confession. Miss Dignan is busy preparing for his funeral and managing the business, so she isn't pleased to see him.
  • Miss Dignan also insists that Mr. Roundhill could never commit murder, indicating she thought she knew him well.
  • After finding a discrepancy in the dates Mr. Roundhill had booked during the time period of the murder, Murdoch and Julia questioned her once more.
  • Miss Dignan admits that Mr. Roundhill began suffering from seizures eight years ago at the onset of his illness. He was forced to be hospitalized in Montreal. She had promised not to tell anyone as it'd ruin the business, but felt all right telling now since he'd passed on.


  • Under the End Credits of this episode, she is listed as Ms. Dignan, but calls herself Miss Dignan in the episode, appropriate for the time. Clearly a typo was made in the End Credits.

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