Mirelle Darling
1214 Mirelle Darling (Shannon McNally)
Actor Shannon McNally
Seen Sins of the Father
Gender Female
Status Deceased

Mirelle Darling is a patient of Dr. Ogden's at the Toronto Mercy Hospital, introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Shannon McNally.

Appearances and Mentions

Sins of the Father

  • Dr. Ogden counsels Mirelle Darling against undergoing a procedure when there is no reason to take on the risk that comes with any surgery – for merely cosmetic purposes.
  • Mirelle Darling tells her good Doctor, "I have had to endure the curse of a large bosom since I was in school. All my friends have youthful figures. I will have the same."
  • Mirelle's father, Mr. Darling insists that Dr. Ogden perform the operation as "Mirelle's happiness is my obligation now," since her mother died some years ago.
  • Believing the procedure is unnecessary and goes "against everything we're striving to do in this profession", Dr. Ogden declines to perform the procedure; Dr. Forbes undertakes the operation instead.
  • At first, the surgery is successful but the often feared risk of sepsis (in this era) overtakes Mirelle and she dies.


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