Mayor of Toronto
1302 Mayor (Billy Parrott).png
Actor Billy Parrott
Seen Bad Pennies
Gender Male
Status Living
Job City Mayor

Mayor of Toronto is first introduced in Season 6 of Murdoch Mysteries.


From 1834 to 1857, and again from 1867 to 1873, Toronto mayors were not elected directly by the public. Instead, after each annual election of aldermen and councilmen, the assembled council would elect one of their members as mayor. For all other years, mayors were directly elected by popular vote, except in rare cases where a mayor was appointed by council to fill an unexpired term of office.

The "City of Toronto" has changed substantially over the years: the city annexed or amalgamated with neighbouring communities or areas 49 times from in 1883 to 1967.

  • Warring Kennedy (1894 to 1895)
  • Robert John Fleming (2nd time) (1896 to 5 August 1897)
  • John Shaw (6 August 1897 to 1899)
  • Ernest A. Macdonald (1900 to 1900)
  • Oliver Aiken Howland (1901 to 1902)
  • Thomas Urquhart (1903 to 1905)
  • Emerson Coatsworth (1906 to 1907)
  • Joseph Oliver (1908 to 1909)


Bad Pennies

  • Mayor (unnamed), portrayed by Billy Parrott
  • The Mayor meets with Cecil Vance of the Port Authority and Inspector Brackenreid to resolve the trouble at the docks when a riot breaks out. Looking out the window at the violent outbreak, he asks, "Is that cause, Inspector Brackenreid?"

High Voltage

Blast of Silence

Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom

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