Maureen Jennings is the author of the 8 novels about William Murdoch upon which the series is based.

The development of the original William Murdoch character was inspired by a combination of real life people, "the first great detective of the Ontario Provincial Police," John Wilson Murray who was appointed in 1875, as well as a priest that Jennings knew at University and was in love with.

Maureen Jennings has written eight episodes of Murdoch Mysteries to date. She wrote the Foreward to Investigating Murdoch Mysteries (2015) The Official TV Series Companion Book Seasons 1-8.

In 2017, Canada's premiere author of historical fiction returns with a new Murdoch Mystery Let Darkness Bury the Dead, with an older and wiser Detective Murdoch.

Maureen Jennings was recently quoted in remembrance of fellow author Howard Engel: “I have always considered Howard and Eric Wright and Ted Wood the absolute trail blazers for Canadian Crime Fiction. Talk about an unknown world until they put us on the map. I think it is safe to say that Howard’s Benny Cooperman was the first Jewish Canadian PI ever. Howard was always so generous to beginning writers and I credit him and Eric with helping me get started in a life of crime..."


Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1939. She lives in Toronto with her husband, and has been the Author of the Christine Morris Books and the Tom Tyler Books. She has also written the non-fiction The Map of Your Mind: Journeys Into Creative Expression (2001)

Along with being the creator, creative consultant and script writer on the Murdoch Mysteries Movies and TV Series she has also worked on Bomb Girls.

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