Matron Ingram
1202 Matron Ingram (Fiona Highet)
Actor Fiona Highet
Seen Operation: Murder
Gender Female
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Chief nurse

Matron Ingram is the senior nurse on staff at the Toronto Mercy Hospital, introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Fiona Highet.

Appearances and Mentions

Operation: Murder

  • When Dr. Ogden asks if there will be a post-mortem on Mrs. Quigley, Matron Ingram informs her that she doesn't think so as Dr. Forbes has already signed the death certificate.
  • Matron asks if she may speak intimately, "You mustn't be hard on yourself. I know Dr. Forbes thinks very highly of your work", trying to reassure the new surgeon, "It's never easy to lose a patient, no matter the circumstances. Try not to take it too much to heart."
  • Dr. Ogden politely thanks the Matron, then instructs her, "I'd like Mrs. Quigley's remains sent to the City Morgue".  When informed that is not how the hospital normally does things, Dr. Ogden insists, "Yes, I understand, but I am still the City Coroner. It's well within my purview to order a post-mortem."


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