Martin Quigley
1202 Martin Quigley (Joey Coleman).png
Actor Joey Coleman
Seen Operation: Murder
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Unknown

Martin Quigley is the son of Mrs. Quigley introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Joey Coleman.

Appearances and Mentions

Operation: Murder

  • Martin Quigley attends to his mother prior to her operation.
  • In the midst of being told by Dr. Ogden that the surgery was successful, Nurse Sullivan calls for Dr. Forbes – the chief of surgery and all the surgeons in residency (Ogden and Dr. Dixon) attend Mrs. Quigley in the recovery room – leaving Martin Quigley waiting.
  • Upon his mother's sudden death, Dr. Ogden with Dr. Forbes have the difficult task of informing and consoling the confused, then stunned Mr. Quigley, who turns to Dr. Forbes, "You said it was a simple surgery; that it would be all right for a student to assist!" Unfortunately, there were complications as both doctors try to explain. Then, Dr. Ogden promises Mr. Quigley, "if something went wrong here, I will find out what it is." This statement is met with a stern disapproval from the Chief Surgeon of the Toronto Mercy Hospital, "We do not speak to family members like that, Dr. Ogden".
  • Martin Quigley arrives at the City Morgue upon being informed where his mother's body was sent. Seeking the City Coroner, he encounters the opaque Miss Hart, who neither confirms nor denies if she is the Coroner. She does inform him that while her post-mortem is complete, her remains have not been approved for release.
  • Martin Quigley asks if the cause of her death was discovered. Whereupon, the self-important Coroner's assistant informs Mr. Quigley, "You understand I'm not at liberty to share the results. The case is still under police investigation", taking him aback.
  • Soon thereafter, Martin Quigley has gone to the Hospital's Board and is threatening to sue the Toronto Mercy Hospital and Dr. Forbes for his mother's death.


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