Manfred Elliot
1215 Manfred Elliot (Seamus Patterson)
Actor Seamus Patterson
Seen One Minute to Murder
Gender Male
Status Living
Manfred Elliot works at the Toronto Telegraph introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Seamus Patterson.

Appearances and Mentions

One Minute to Murder

  • Manfred Elliot is a fellow reporter alongside Louise Cherry at the Toronto Telegraph. It's clear that he has some sort of affection for her, describing her as "an excellent worker. She's dedicated. Some people can misunderstand this," although his fellow co-workers disagree with his description.
  • Later on, he is found in a basement by Miss Cherry and Constable Crabtree, admitting his love for the reporter with a gun to his own head.
  • When taken into the police station, he inquires if he's going to be arrested, but Murdoch simply tells him that he's going to see his wife: a psychiatrist. "Life is a precious gift, sir. I would hate to see you waste it."



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