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The Man is one of numerous nameless adult male characters (who may or may not have a descriptor in the end-credits) in Murdoch Mysteries.

The Man is more often than not from the working class citizenry of Toronto, from street vendor to fireman who may be a innocent bystander, a witness, or connected to the criminal class. On occasion, he may be a gentleman practicing a profession who is a suspect or a person of interest in the crime being investigated.


Big Murderer on Campus

  • Man With Cart, portrayed by Paul O'Sullivan

I, Murdoch

  • Blind Man, portrayed by Bobby Prochaska

Anything You Can Do...

  • Man, portrayed by Sean Sullivan

The Murdoch Identity

  • Keating's Man, portrayed by Andrew Musselman
  • Keating's Man, portrayed by Duncan McLeod

Back and to the Left

  • Catholic Man, portrayed by Thomas Michael Mack

Staircase to Heaven

  • Old Man, portrayed by John E. Nelles

Murdoch On The Corner

Season 7

Republic of Murdoch

  • Man, portrayed by Jesse Griffiths
    • Crabtree grabs the man and plants him against the wall, believing he is the ne'er do well, Jacob Doyle.

A Midnight Train to Kingston

The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold

Kung Fu Crabtree

Season 8

The Incurables

Season 10

Jagged Little Pill

Hell to Pay

  • Vendor, portrayed by Terrance Balaz

Season 11

Merlot Mysteries

The Talking Dead

  • Weight Guesser, portrayed by John Connolly
    • At the Annual Fair, this vendor (man) guesses the weight of Agnes Swift accurately.


Biffers and Blockers

Mary Wept

The Great White Moose

  • Vagabond, portrayed by Scott McCulloch
    • The Vagabond and his dog find a missing body part.
  • Waiter, portrayed by Carlo Essagian

Murdoch Schmurdoch

  • Mason, portrayed by Scott Williams
  • Peddler, portrayed by Yank Azman Yank Azman
  • Burly Man, portrayed by Ryan Rogerson

Shadows Are Falling

Free Falling

  • Barfly #1, portrayed by Chris Ratz
  • Barfly #2, portrayed by Timothy Cody

Season 12

Operation: Murder

  • Delivery Man, portrayed by Scott Garland
    • Mr. Geoffrey's delivery men is usually are in uniform; the Delivery Man is new and doesn’t have his uniform yet, nor does he have the usual paperwork for Murdoch to sign. The Delivery Man points out, “They told me you wanted Saturday delivery. They didn't give me a uniform, they didn't give me a paper. They said go to the crazy new house on Lamport Avenue.”

Murdoch Without Borders

  • Burly Guy, portrayed by Nicholas Brown

Sir. Sir? Sir!!!

Drowning in Money

Pirates of the Great Lakes

  • Mustache Man, portrayed by Michael Rinaldi
  • Auctioneer, portrayed by David Snelgrove
  • Unruly Guy, portrayed by Kevin Carter

Annabella Cinderella

Six of the Best

Darkness Before the Dawn Part 1

Season 13


Bad Pennies

Toronto the Bad

  • Tiny, portrayed by Michel Bratty

The Killing Dose

Parker in the Rye

Things Left Behind

Other Unnamed Characters