212 Maiingan 2
Actor Uncredited
Seen Werewolves
Gender Male
Status Criminal (deceased)
Job Wilderness guide
Ma'iingan ( Ojibwe for Wolf ) is native Indian guide introduced in Season 2 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions


  • Ma'iingan , a native American, who becomes a murderer in his quest for revenge. * It's implied that he used to be a shaman until the time of the missionaires and he ended up as a guide at a hunting logde. One evening on a full moon he was accidently shot, but the men involved assumed he was going to die anyway and just left him there. The anger kept him alive and he 'reclaimed' his identity by dressing up in a wolf-skin, either to become a shaman again or perhaps because his name means wolf. He sought out and killed five out of the six men, who was there on the fateful night, and when the last one was arrested. He allowed the police to kill him, since his quest has ended and he would rather died in a fight than be hanged.


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