Actor Andrea So
Seen The Great Wall
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relationships Ling, aunt, Feng Choy, grandfather
Mai-Li is a young Chinese girl who was assaulted by Constable Townsend, introduced in Season 3 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Andrea So.

Appearances and Mentions

The Great Wall

  • Mai-Li isn't seen until the end of the episode, where she identifies Townsend as her rapist. She, along with her family, were forced to tolerate the corrupt policemen when they took money from them, and sometimes herbs. However, after she was raped, she went into hiding, only to be brought out to save her grandfather.
  • At the station house, Mai-Li reunites with her grandfather with Ling, and they leave to try and rebuild their lives.


  • Actress Andrea So, born and raised in Toronto, placed 4th in Miss Hong Kong 2016 and 2nd in Fairchild TV's Vocalibre 2015. She is now based in Hong Kong.


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