Lyman Barclay
NOQS Chap 3 05.jpg
Actor Damir Andrei
Seen Nightmare on Queen Street
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Administrator, Toronto East Asylum

Dr. Lyman Barclay was the administrator of the Toronto East Asylum for the criminally insane for many years.


Barclay was fascinated by the idea of genius and was attracted to the study of incredible brains. He became infatuated with Mary Foster and when Foster began to experience headaches he tried to help by treating them. However, his experiments became more and more invasive until he finally killed her. Barclay staged a carriage accident to try to hide that her death had been murder ("Epilogue-Barclay").

After Mary Foster's death, Barclay had hopes that Foster's daughter, Rebecca, would begin to develop into a genius as well. He forged a document that stated Rebecca was a potential dangerous offender and had her committed to the asylum where he could watch her ("Epilogue-Barclay").

Later, Barclay became intrigued by the mind of James Danby. His experiments on Danby led to his death. Barclay staged a murder scene with a cricket bat belonging to Dr. Luther Bates in hopes of framing Bates. However, William Murdoch, with the help of a visiting detective, discovered that Barclay was the murderer. Barclay was arrested for the murders of Foster and Danby ("Epilogue-Barclay")..

Before Barclay was apprehended he kidnapped Murdoch and began to experiment on him. He told Murdoch that his mind was one of the most unique of all. Luckily, Dr. Ogden and the visiting detective rescued Murdoch before permanent damage was done ("Epilogue-Barclay").



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