Lucille Anderson
1307 Lucille Anderson (Annie Briggs).png
Actor Annie Briggs
Seen Toronto the Bad
Gender Female
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Billiard Hall owner

Lucille Anderson is the owner of MacRury's Billiard Hall introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Annie Briggs.

Appearances and Mentions

Toronto the Bad

  • Lucille Anderson greets Murdoch and Brackenreid when the Inspector asks about the photo behind the bar, "Patron saint of whiskey?" Close, Wendell MacRury started this place; He died almost a month ago, she explains, "Someone shot him right where you're standing. I'm the owner."
  • Miss Anderson is shown Buckles' billiard kit and is surprised to hear the murder, "He's here every night." She doesn't recall when he left last night but points them to his mate David Dillinger who has just arrived.
  • Later, on her way to MacRury's Lucille takes Higgin's cab, unknowingly reveals the scar on her forearm, but suspects as much when the cabbie drives back the way they came and tells him, "I'd prefer you just take the main streets." When he doesn't she bolts out of the taxicab and races on foot to her billiard hall to grab some money, but the Detective and Inspector come through the door to block her escape.
  • Holding the knife towards them, Lucille Anderson warns them, "Stay back! Don't come near me." The two coppers offer to help her if she tells them what happened.
  • Wendell MacRury was more than her real father ever was, showing them her arm. Wendell gave her a home, a job – a life. Then, those men just let him die, "They were all here the night he was murdered." Lucille was downstairs when she heard the shot; She came back up to find Wendell bleeding on the floor, gasping for air. The cowards just stared as he died in her arms. If she had seen who killed him, "he'd be dead as well".
  • Bloody racketeers. Wendell was being extorted but he never told her who it was, but he stopped paying, "...and got killed for it. Those bastards saw who it was and they wouldn't say. Lucille Anderson admits to killing the four cowards.
  • At the Station House, the Inspector asks, "How's our Avenging Angel this fine morning?" Lucille Anderson has given her full confession and is preparing to be transported.
  • Escorted by constables through the Station's bullpen, Lucille cries out to Detective Babcock in Murdoch's office. The Detective asks her to be brought into the office for further questioning. She reveals that claimed to be a friend of Wendell's and had told her if she wanted to do something about the witnesses he would make sure she didn't get caught. Lucille learns that is was Paul who scared the witnesses into silence, but when he thought they might not keep his secret, he had manipulated her into eliminating them. When his denials are not accepted by the Detective and Inspector, the corrupt copper pulls out his gun. A physical altercation ensues, the gun drops to the floor before Babcock is arrested for the extortion and murder of Wendell Mac...
  • "Paul!" Lucille Anderson shots Paul Babcock in the chest, "Tell the devil I'm right behind you."



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