Lionel Armstrong
1302 Lionel Armstrong (Michael Rhoades).png
Actor Michael Rhoades
Seen Bad Pennies
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Pinkerton agent

Lionel Armstrong is employed by Cecil Vance introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Michael Rhoades.

Appearances and Mentions

Bad Pennies

  • Lionel Armstrong is hired by the Toronto Port Authority to help with the dispute with the dockworkers demanding fair working wages.
  • Experienced in these matters as a senior agent for the Pinkerton's, Lionel Armstrong has connections to the Homestead Strike that he does not want known.
  • Armstrong had murdered his former fellow agent Carl Landers to keep his secret, then he kills Quinn as the Constabulary gets closer to uncovering the truth – with the same squeeze-fire palm pistol to the head at close range.
  • At Homestead, it was senior Pinkerton Agent Lionel Armstrong who gave the order to have fellow Agent Daniel Parker shot, as subterfuge to justify retaliation against the steelworkers for firing the "first shot".



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