Lawrence Hempel
1005 Lawrence Hempel 1.PNG
Actor James Gallanders
Seen Jagged Little Pill
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Professor

Lawrence Hempel is a professor at the Ontario Medical College for Women introduced in Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by James Gallanders.

Appearances and Mentions

Jagged Little Pill

  • Hempel learned of the similarities between the agents for sleeping sickness and syphilis. When he saw the progress Sarah Franklin was making on arsenical compounds, he proposed they work together.
  • Mr. Mclnnes had done his own research and he begged for Hempel to help him, fully aware of the risks. They began treating Mr. Mclnnes with Miss Franklin's arsenic compounds but Mr. Mclnnes began dying like the lab rats during the experimental trials.
  • Hempel tells Murdoch, "Progress is not made without risk, that's what separates great minds from the ordinary." Unfortunately, Sarah couldn't cope with her failure and "she suffered the consequences at her own hand."
  • Murdoch arrests Hempel for the murder of Edward Mclnnes. Before being taken away, Miss James accuses Hempel of letting Sarah believe it was all her fault because it was her compound. Hempel's retorts, "Medical research is a demanding field, my dear. I've often wondered if the fairer sex is up to the challenge. Well, given the empirical evidence of Sarah Franklin, seems they are not." Rebecca turns to Murdoch, "He's wrong, Detective." "Yes, Miss James. He is wrong."

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