Lawrence Braxton
Til death lawrence braxton
Actor Steve Cumyn
Seen 'Til Death Do Us Part
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Wendell Merrick, lover
Cecile Braxton, wife
Baby Braxton, daughter
Lawrence Braxton is a childhood friend to Wendell Merrick introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Steve Cumyn.

Appearances and Mentions

'Til Death Do Us Part

  • As adults, Lawrence and Wendell had been lovers. Lawrence was married to Cecile Braxton and together, they had a child. Cecile was aware that her husband was a homosexual and that he was in love with Wendell but she was content with having a happy home and a child.
  • When Wendell Merrick was murdered by his brother, Lawrence became despondent. For a time, he is a murder suspect being investigated by Detective William Murdoch, but Murdoch eventually uncovers the truth. Lawrence, unable to live without Merrick, hangs himself.


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