Lavinda (last name unknown) was the future bride of Rose's brother, Cedric, in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Andrea Runge.

Appearances and Mentions

Friday the 13th, 1901

  • Lavinda appears to be young and beautiful, and is daring and witty. She first starts the creepy story of a monster on the island, though Rose finishes it.
  • As Emily and Julia are talking outside, Lavinda passes them and tells them she's going out for a midnight swim. Soon afterwards a scream is heard. Julia and Emily find her on the dock, dead.
  • The next morning, the women discover her death and puts her body in a cold cellar to preserve it. When Rose Maxwell is subdued by the two doctors, the police arrive and remove her for proper burial.

The Incurables (mentioned)


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