Lady Suzanne Atherly
Mm1001 Lady Suzanne Atherly.PNG
Actor Samantha Bond
Seen Great Balls of Fire, Part 1

Great Balls of Fire, Part 2

Gender Female
Status English aristocracy
Relationships Elizabeth Atherly (daughter)

Lady Suzanne Atherly is a member of English aristocracy and a friend of Julia Ogden, played by Samantha Bond.

Lady Atherly visits Toronto with her daughter Elizabeth at an opportune time in "such a genteel city", admitting that "I hardly thought we would be arriving in the middle of a... marriage lottery."

Appearances and Mentions

Great Balls of Fire, Part 1

  • Murdoch questions during the murder investigation, asking why she is in Toronto. Lady Atherly informs the Detective to start afresh, "While my... family's financial situation may not be as robust as it was while my husband was alive, we retain one thing we shall never surrender – breeding."

Great Balls of Fire, Part 2

  • After contacting Scotland Yard during the murder investigation of debutante Ruth Embree, Murdoch discovers that Lady Atherly's daughter was in a scandalous affair, the family is a laughingstock of British society, and destitute since the Lord's death.



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