King's Rowing Club
Still waters rowing club
Type Social Club
Location Toronto

The King's Rowing Club was a social and athletic club in Toronto. Most of Toronto's most prominent families were members, including the Hartleys and the Fairchilds. Julia Ogden's family were also members.

Appearances and Mentions

Still Waters

  • In 1895, the mens' rowing team was preparing for the 1896 Summer Olympics when one of the teammates, Richard Hartley, was murdered. It turns out that when Hartley wanted to join the team a Horace Briggs had to be ousted to make room for him. Briggs was a member of a less prominent family even though he was more skilled than Hartley. Coach Hamilton Kane asked the team to severely beat Hartley during an initiation ritual in hopes that Hartley would choose to leave. Hartley was beaten but would have stayed with the team if Briggs had not murdered him.


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