Katherine Roy
1005 Katerine Roy
Actor Erin Carter
Seen Jagged Little Pill

Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

Gender Female
Job Medical Student

Katherine Roy is a medical student attending the Ontario Medical College for Women, first introduced in Season 10. She is a fellow student of Miss Rebecca James and Anne Baxter.

Appearances and Mentions

Jagged Little Pill

  • After Sarah Franklin's death, Rebecca learns from Dr. Stowe-Gullen that Sarah deliberately failed her exam. She questions her fellow medical students Anne and Katherine about what they know.  Since the cat's out of the bag about the exam, they tell her that Sarah hadn't been pulling her weight in our study group. She stopped coming to classes, spent all of her time in the laboratory instead. She expected them to pick up the slack and give her their notes. " We tried to throw her out of the study group, let her sink or swim, but she begged us not to. Swore up and down she'd make it up to us."  And she did by telling them exactly what to study for the exam.  Anne got a great mark but Katherine didn't listen to Sarah.

Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood


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