1007 Painted Ladies Josie.PNG
Actor Kate Corbett
Seen Painted Ladies
Gender Female
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Burlesques Dancer

Josie (née Doris Strachan) is a dancer at The Star Room Theatre in Season 10.

Appearances and Mentions

Great Balls of Fire, Part 2

  • Fireman Dancer (performance not credited)

Painted Ladies

  • As one of the Star Room dancers, Josie hopes to dance as well as Nina and is curious how sweet George is on Nina.
  • In reality, Josie was born Doris Strachan mercilessly tormented for being unattractive and called "donkey Doris".
  • Doris Strachan knew all of the victims: two were classmates, one was her teacher, and Mr. Nielsen was her employer and all had been cruel to her. After resigning Mr. Nielsen's employ, Doris Strachan moved to New York City and never came back. The police there believes she committed suicide, but no body was found.
  • In reality, the plastic surgeon Dr. Fry transformed her into beautiful Josie.



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