Jonathan Llyr is a Canadian actor and TV personality.

Llyr (sometimes credited as Jonathan Bryn Llyr) is best known for his work as an on-air personality for Space, Canada's science fiction specialty channel. He first appeared on that network in 1998 on its late-night movie interstitial program, SpaceBar, as the alien barfly and ultimate Star Trek fan, Grot. During the show's final year, Llyr also assumed writing duties, after fellow cast member and head writer Denis McGrath left the series.

After SpaceBar's 2002 cancellation, Llyr transferred to hosting Space's new entertainment news program, HypaSpace. He remained as host until 2005, when he was succeeded by actress Kim Poirier. Llyr stayed on as one of HypaSpace's reporters, and fronted his own weekly segment, "The Scoop", an often tongue-in-cheek look at strange celebrity and science fiction media news items of the week. Llyr also hosted the weekly audio podcast version of HypaSpace.

For several years during his time at Space, Llyr also introduced films on Space's sister station, Drive-In Classics, this time as the character of Drive-In Dick. Again, Llyr had writing duties for these segments.

Llyr was also a founding member of the Toronto, Ontario, based Shakespearean theatre company, The Tempest Theatre Group, (where he played a variety of roles including Hamlet, MacBeth, Marc Antony and Iago among many others.

In 2008, Llyr and several colleagues launched their own podcast project, "Hardcore Nerdity".

In 2013 Llyr guested on the television show "Nikita" and in 2014 appeared as Mick O'Shea in four episodes of Murdoch Mysteries.

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