Actor Wesley French
Seen Murdoch Ahoy
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relationships Amy MacFarlane,
Job Sailor
Johnny is a man who worked on Clarence MacFarlane's ship, introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Wesley French.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Ahoy

  • Johnny appeared in Murdoch Ahoy as a shipmate who rung the bell and called man overboard. Eventually it was discovered that he was courting Amy MacFarlane while she was engaged to Owen Mathers. It was a secret because they knew Amy's parents would never approve of the relationship. The plan was to have Amy hide on the boat until it reached Rochester, where Johnny and her would run away together. Unbeknownst to Johnny, after Amy changed into maid's clothing and went for the cargo hold to hide, she witnessed Owen murdering Neville Morton as he was setting a bomb and was knocked unconscious. Johnny came by the cargo hold in hopes of finding Amy but failed to do so and was caught by Detective William Murdoch. Brackenreid pieces the puzzle together and realizes that Johnny was the man seeing Amy.
  • After one of Morton's bombs went off, forcing an evacuation, Johnny overheard Murdoch and Brackenreid confront Clarence MacFarlane and they all come to the conclusion that Owen was responsible for Amy's disappearance. Johnny chased after Owen, but their struggle causes the latter to tumble down the stairs and die from the trauma. They then consult the ship's maps again, wondering where Amy is hidden. Suddenly, the men hear a tapping noise which seems to be coming from within the walls. They figure out that she is in the bow cargo hold, which is currently filling with water. Together with Murdoch, Johnny rescues Amy and they escape on a rowboat, along with her mother, though Clarence remains behind to go down with the ship.
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