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John Tench was born in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and grew up in Canada.

He began his Stage, Television and Film career in Toronto and eventually moved on to study and work in New York City, London in England, Los Angeles and throughout Europe and back to Canada.

He founded the influential theatre company Theatre Kathartic in 1980. Along with his many film and television appearances, working with great directors as Ang Lee, Antoine Fuqua, Arthur Hiller and many others, John has also worked with numerous theatre companies in North America and Europe as an Actor, Director, Writer and Producer. 

John has been nominated for numerous awards in the best actor category. His is a master of accents and dialects and has voiced a great many cartoons and foreign language films. John has also written a number of screenplays and is a published poet. 

John is best known for his roles as Viktor in The Colony (2013), T-Bone in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2 (2016) and Winston in Intelligence (2006-2007).

In 2017, John makes a sinister appearance in Healing Hands, episode four of Frankie Drake Mysteries.