John Delaney
Let loose john delaney.jpg
Actor Michael Rhoades
Christopher Cordell (Stunt Double)
Seen Let Loose the Dogs
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Phillip Delaney, son
Job Gambler

John Delaney was a cheating gambler and a rapist, in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, played by Michael Rhoades.

Appearances and Mentions

Let Loose the Dogs

  • John Delaney partnered with Vincent Newcombe to run ratting matches at the Manchester Terrier. He would fix many of the matches by drugging one or more of the dogs.
  • One night, after winning a dishonest match against Harry Murdoch, Delaney left the Terrier and raped Jess Lacey. Delaney's son, Phillip, witnessed the rape, followed Delaney and murdered him. Phillip cared deeply for Lacey as she was the only one who really loved him.
  • John had been impatient with his slow son and had called him "stupid" at least once.


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