Joanne Braxton
Actor Zoe Cleland
Seen Raised On Robbery
Mentioned Wild Child
Gender Female
Status Criminal, (deceased)
Relationships Nigel Braxton, husband (deceased)

Baby Roland Connor,"adopted" son

Job Criminal

Joanne Braxton (née: Perly) is the wife and accomplice of Nigel Braxton in their attempt to rob a bank for plates to print bank notes, introduced in Season 9 of Murdoch Mysteries. She is portrayed by Zoe Cleland.

Appearances and Mentions

Raised On Robbery

Wild Child (Mention)

  • Miss James does the autopsy on Joanne which leads to Freddie Pink discovering Roland's natural father who is still alive.
  • As Joanne Perly, she worked briefly as a midwife. Nine months prior to the bank robbery and her death, she tended to a birth, where a baby boy was delivered, but the mother, Mrs. Connor, died due to complications. The father of the child, Mr. Connor, was away and since Joanne was the only person to be present at the birth, she took the child for herself and reported that it was never delivered. Her reason might have been due to the fact that she couldn't have children on her own, which the autopsy conducted by Miss James revealed: Joanne was born without any ovaries.
  • Roland is returned to Mr. Connor.

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