Jeremiah Fuller
Jeremiah Fuller S7 E5
Actor Grant Nickalls
Seen Murdoch of the Living Dead
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Betty Fuller, daughter

Harriet Fuller, wife

Jeremiah Fuller is the father of Betty Fuller introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Grant Nickalls.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch of the Living Dead

  • When Murdoch and Crabtree find the body of Harriet Fuller, they go to question Jeremiah Fuller, who is passive and won't answer any of their questions.
  • By all accounts, Jeremiah was a violent man, until he suddenly disappeared for a few days and came back, quiet as a mouse. Almost like a different person got inside him somehow.
  • Julia and Murdoch soon realize that Jeremiah's radical personality change may be the work of someone they know: Dr. Luther Bates.

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