James Danby
James Danby 01.jpg
Actor Unknown
Seen Nightmare on Queen Street
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Professor

James Danby was born November 20, 1865. He was a professor of physics at Victoria College, however, he supported himself as a chamber pianist and music teacher.

On October 16, 1895, Danby was convicted of murdering his friend and Toronto Riverside Cricket Association teammate, Harold Frasier. The case was heard by Judge Bartholomew Mead and was brief because Danby confessed his guilt. He claimed a fleeting madness overcame him because he and Frasier were competing for the affections of the same woman. Instead of being sentenced to death, Danby was sentenced to be committed to the Toronto East Asylum ("Ciphers and Somnology").

On June 29, 1900 he was reported missing by his landlady. His address was 17 Winchester Street, Toronto. His body was discovered on July 2, 1900 in the laneway behind Oak Street by Detective William Murdoch and Dr. Ogden ("The Dead Professor").

With the help of a visiting detective, Murdoch discovered that Danby had been murdered by Dr. Lyman Barclay who thought Danby's mind was intriguing.



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