James Bennett
JamesBennett S7 E7.jpg
Actor Jim Watson
Seen Loch Ness Murdoch
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Relationships Katherine Buchanan, former romantic interest (deceased)

Marie Nicholson, former fiancé (deceased)

James Bennett is the owner of the Baltimore Snowball Stand, and introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jim Watson.

Appearances and Mentions

Loch Ness Murdoch

  • Murdoch questions James Bennett regarding the death of Katherine Buchanan, a Miss Purity contestant, and he tells the detective that he did indeed know her. In fact, they had been courting.
  • James Bennett is engaged to Marie Nicholson, another Miss Purity contestant, whom he believed to be pregnant. When he inquired to Mason Alexander if Marie could take breaks because of her condition, Marie was promptly disqualified. Angered, Marie revealed to James that she wasn't pregnant.
  • James had killed Marie out of blind rage, distraught over the fact that his previous love, Katherine, had killed herself over a complete lie. However, he feels no regret towards his actions. His only regret is, "I won't be going to heaven, because I know Katie is there."

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