Jacob Quincannon
1310 Jacob Quincannon (Sean Dolan).png
Actor Sean Dolan
Seen Parker in the Rye
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Rye Company heir

Jacob Quincannon is the heir to the Quincannon Rye Company introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Sean Dolan.

Appearances and Mentions

Parker in the Rye

  • Constable Crabtree and Special Constable Robert Parker find Jacob Quincannon hiding behind the desk in the Quincannon house where his father, mother and sister were murdered.
  • Jacob Quincannon suffers memory loss as a result of witnessing the murder of is family – at first examination.
  • Jacob Quincannon meets Dr. Ogden at the Station House for the first time whereupon they begin his recovery to recalling details of the heinous murder of his family.
  • After the arrest of Bronson and his gang, Jacob's clever act becomes suspect when he reveals to Ogden that he was never good enough for his father who couldn't respect him nor his ideas, wishing they could have agreed on the vision for the family company. His father had grown frustrated with Jacob's suggestions, revealing "Mr. Perri said my father was fit to be tied. I quite liked that expression", but forgetting he had told Dr. Ogden earlier that he had never met Rocco Perri.
  • Jacob Quincannon tells Dr. Ogden that she has been good to him and asks her not ruin things now. Ogden asks the carriage driver to stop. Whereupon the door opens and Quincannon is hauled out of the carriage by Murdoch who arrests him for conspiracy to commit murder.


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