Jacob Doyle
Jacob Doyle
Actor Allan Hawco
Seen Republic of Murdoch
Gender Male
Status Alive

Jacob Doyle is a man who lived in early 20th century Newfoundland, introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Allan Hawco.

Appearances and Mentions

Republic of Murdoch

  • Jacob Doyle first appears running away as Crabtree struggles to chase him. The officer caught up to him, but in return he beamed Crabtree with a 2x4 wooden plank, getting away. As Crabtree returns to the crime scene, it's revealed that the man he was chasing was a murder suspect in a brutal homicide.
  • After tasting rum from the victim's briefcase, Crabtree is able to deduce both victim and suspect were from Newfoundland, pointing out their accents and the rum as proof. A composite sketch of Jacob was made, and soon, Constable Jackson brought back news that the man had boarded a train to Nova Scotia.
  • Jacob Doyle later appears to Murdoch's rescue after he attempts to question the West Bay Farrellys about Ezekiel Farrelly. After they proceed to have a small altercation, Jacob and Murdoch hop on his bike and speed away.
  • Jacob Doyle teams up with Detective Murdoch, much to Crabtree's annoyance, to find the real killer, and quite possibly an old treasure map with it.


  • He is an ancestor of Jake Doyle who lives in Newfoundland in the early 21st century.
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