Jack Walker is the owner of a butcher shop, introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jesse Lavercombe.

Appearances and Mentions

The Philately Fatality

  • While investigating a murder in the house where a men-only party took place, Inspector Brackenreid recognizes a picture of his butcher: Jack Walker. He visits Walker at his butcher store, asking why there was a photo of him with his arm around Mr. Paxton, the victim.
  • Walker explains that he was only friends with the man. The photo was from when he ran into him on the island, and that's the truth of it. 
  • Walker is brought to the station house for further questioning when evidence is brought to light that reveals he was, in fact, at the party the other night. Walker explains that he was in a relationship with Paxton, but they broke up because of their differences. He goes on to tell the policeman that he was the one who found Paxton's body. Not believing him, Brackenreid asks for him to be placed in the cells.
  • Detective Watts seeks Walker's help in locating Paxton's missing stamp collection, as the motive could be due to his philatelist hobby and not his personal life. Walker agrees to help, but only if he can run an important errand afterwards. "Let you out, you mean," Watts says. "I'll come back," Walker replies. "I promise."
  • True to his word, Walker aids Watts in recovering the missing stamp collection, and in return, Watts holds up his part of the deal and gives Walker an hour to visit his mother. When the Inspector finds out, he is enraged, bellowing, "He could be on a train halfway across the country by now!" Indeed, he could be, but Walker is back in the cells, just as he promised.
  • Once the case has come to a close, with Walker's name cleared of suspicion, Detective Watts takes it upon himself to thank the butcher for his help. However, Walker can tell there is something more. "Can I call you Jack?" Watts asks. It appears a response isn't needed. Jack steps into his apartment, leaving the door open for Watts to follow.

The Killing Dose


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