Jack Borden
1105 Jack Borden.png
Actor Kristopher Turner
Seen Dr. Osler Regrets
Gender Male
Status Criminal
Relationships Miles Borden (uncle, deceased)
Job Lawyer

Jack Borden is the nephew of the murder victim, lawyer Miles Borden, in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries, played by Kristopher Turner.

Appearances and Mentions

Dr. Osler Regrets

  • Borden has an alibi for the first murder, that of Norman Doyle, which turns out to be a suicide and not a murder. He has no alibi for his Uncle Mile's murder nor the others.
  • Upon being asked by Murdoch and the Inspector to come to the Station House for suspicion of murder, Borden threatens, “When this is all over, you can expect to have a costly lawsuit on your hands.”
  • The Inspector takes them on a detour walk to Station House No. 4 to Churchill's Laundry, a service all the victims and Borden use – the connection is made. Borden bolts down the street, chased by Brackenreid into a dead-end lot. Borden readies himself to fight the old copper, but Brackenreid lays the first punch, knocking the murderer on his back, "It's over, son."
  • Borden explains, "Do you have any idea how expensive it is to maintain a law firm? We need to be billing all the time just to stay alive. Miles didn't care. He would have ruined us...I have good years left! Just 'cause his clock was running out, he needs to destroy things for the rest of us?"
  • The Inspector tells Borden there's "...one thing you learn with age, Borden, is never wait for the other fella to square off. There's no such thing in life as a fair fight."



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